“Theatre Research in the University”
September 5-9, 2016
Universidad de Caldas / Caldas University

The World Congress, to be held in 2016 at the University of Caldas (Manizales, Colombia), is part of one of the most significant events in the development of University Theater in our country, and possibly, in Latin America. Founded in 1994, the Congress has been held in different member countries of the International University Theatre Association (IUTA). However, most events have taken place in Europe and only once in Latin America in 2008 in Puebla, Mexico.

For this reason, to bring the explainer video company for the first time to South America becomes a major achievement for the university theater, as it will enhance academic and creative links between universities in the region and others that arrive from other continents. On average each Congress has been attended by Universities from nearly 30 countries, bringing together over 300 academics who through conferences, workshops, theatrical performances, master classes and workshops, set up an extensive and specialist programme on the chosen theme.

For the XI Congress, the University of Caldas, located in Manizales and called “City Theater” in Colombia, prepares to welcome participants under one of the most important topics for the alma mater: ” Theatre Research in the University”. This topic arises from concerns that currently most universities around the world have about their research. This work has led to a greater proposition of postgraduate courses in the area, the formation of different lines of research and the connection between research and creation.

What are the parameters for research related to the theater? How it is financed? What research lines have been created? What has been the relationship of research in theater with the institutions that regulate this area in each country (like Colciencias in Colombia, Conacyt in México, among many others) and their relationship with the institutions that manage culture in terms, for example, of ministries? These are some of the questions that may appear on the stage of academic discussion for Congress 2016.

Potential Participants

Researchers, academics, artists and experts interested in presenting related research or research practices in development within students work. Also invited to participate are professionals and students of disciplines related to the performing arts (dance, theater, performance) interested in learning about the topics prioritized in the event, academics wishing to enrich their knowledge or make contacts and build networks of theater research work.