Kestenburg International Festival of Student Theatre
Kestenburg International Festival of Student Theatre
Date de l'événement: 27 juillet 2017 - 7 août 2017
à Republika Srpska (Bosnie-Herzégovine)
The festival has been organised by Banja Luka Students Theatre with the aim of creating an environment for experience exchange and cooperation between Bosnian and international art students and theatre enthusiasts.

Another important purpose of the festival is to promote intercultural communication, in order to break stereotypes and prejudices among young people of different cultures and historical backgrounds.

Kestenburg is also aimed at spreading culture among local young people of a developing region such as western Balkans, so that they can broaden their mindsets and develop different perspectives when it comes to arts.
Adresse courriel:
Adresse: Veselina Maslese 20 78 000 Banja Luka Republika Srpska Bosnia and Herzegovina
Site web: http://kestenburg.com/
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